Jordan Budd


The brands and gear that I use and trust.

Anything you need for handguns, optics, ammunition and rifles. 
The gear I use the most:
  • Cross Rifle, 6.5 Creedmoor
  • Elite Series Ammunition, 140gr Nosler Accubond
  • Whiskey6 DMR Rifle Scope in MOA
  • Zulu 10 10×42 Binocs
  • Kilo8k Rangefinder
  • P365XL Pistol, 9mm 
  • P320-Xten Pistol, 10mm
A mapping app that everyone should have. Whether I’m in the mountains or guiding whitetail hunters in Nebraska, the app keeps all of my mapping needs organized.
The features I use the most:
  • Apple Carplay, for maps on the road
  • OnX Hunt Research tools, for application strategy and tools
  • Public/Private land boundaries 
  • 3D maps
  • Trail slope/difficulty
  • Route Tracking
  • Trail camera and tree stand pins
Clothing for western big game, whitetail and waterfowl hunters.
The gear I use the most for mountain hunting:
If it’s legal in your state, trail cameras are a great way to keep track of animals and monitor your place for trespassers. 
What I use cameras for:
  • Remote use, if I have cell coverage I can pull a cameras photos from my phone. 
  • Non remote use, if you don’t have cell coverage in a spot the camera will save photos to the memory card. 
  • Monitor roads on private leases for trespassers. 
  • Be able to get a better idea of age and size of an animal. 
  • It’s fun and it can give you more confidence knowing what’s around!