Jordan Budd Gear Sig Sauer Kilo 10k Gen 1 vs Gen 2

Sig Sauer Kilo 10k Gen 1 vs Gen 2

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Range finding binoculars are popular for a number of reasons. Mainly being you get two units combined into one, typically cutting down on weight. Plus you can gain some speed by being able to find a target and range immediately for a solution, without having to re-find the target with a small lower powered range finder. 

Sig Sauer has been known for their range finder horsepower in the last ten or so years and seems to me like they’re expanding on it every year. Their first take on the range finding binocular was the Kilo3000, a great little unit that I took on my Dall Sheep hunt in 2021. However the lack of on board environment sensors was limiting as it capped ballistic solutions to 600 yards, unless it was paired to a Kestrel.

Bring forth the first generation Kilo10k, with on board environmental ability and a new tech active-matrix display allowing you to input full custom names of ballistic profiles, instead of having options of “A”, “B”, C”, etc., now you can literally type in “Cross 6.5 130”, and that is how it shows up in your display. So long are the times of getting confused on which profile you’re on. 
The way I understand it, because of the early years with this display, there were some issues with over-brightness and the glass needed to be tinted down aggressively to offset the bright display, which unfortunately caused the image to come off noticeable with a blue hue. Making it not great for low light or overcast conditions. Thus introducing the newest generation 2 of the 10k. A corrected lens color profile with a fairly neutral color tone and some new windage buttons. 

I go through both binoculars, their feature differences and some settings I prefer in the video below.  

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